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The pain of the trade war between the United States is becoming more obvious.

Tariffs are a looming threat for retailers, which haven’t yet passed on trade-war-related costs to consumers, said CNN Business’ Matt Egan on Markets Now. Passing on costs could help companies’ margins but would weigh on the consumer’s wallet.

Wednesday’s weaker-than-expected retail sales data for April, for example, underlined that problems for America’s retailers are real.

However, some sectors are performing well regardless of the trade spat. Cloud computing was an example of that, said David Miller, chief investment officer at Catalyst Funds on the show.

In any case, it was clear that President Donald Trump was still banking on a deal, which would relieve pressure from sectors like retail and agriculture, Miller said.

But for now, Trump “wants to inflict enough pain on China that they change their behavior,” he said.

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