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Investing in stocks can be a daunting and unnerving process for individuals looking to enter the market in order to expand their financial portfolio; a fact that is well documented. According to Bankrate, the financial publishing powerhouse, a big reason behind this trepidation is that most people do not understand basic financial constructs of investing. In fact, despite a recent resurgence of the U.S. stock market, more than half of Americans do not feel comfortable investing in stocks.

Vetr, a New York based fintech company, was founded with the goal of educating the public about investing by adapting crowdsourcing to evaluate, identify, and vet existing stocks.

As an online investment research platform, Vetr attributes the same process that has made everyday decisions such as selecting restaurants, movies, shelter, and even choosing doctors a more transparent and informative process.

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The Vetr team is comprised of Wall Street insiders that are intrinsically connected to the financial industry, but found very little insights available to the modern day investor; a demographic that is more concerned with understanding the more simple tenets of personal investing than anything else.

The process to participate on Vetr is simple and streamlined. Users create an account on the company’s website to predict a stock’s price over a specific timeframe. The staff at Vetr collects all stock predictions from its users – and using a proprietary algorithm – rate the stock using a five star rating system.

Additionally, users can leverage many of Vetr’s other features including peer commentaries on stocks, a customized feed of analysis and ratings, and the ability to create a customized watch list to track prices, price changes, your target prices and crowd target prices for each security.

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