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Nike in China

Nike released a limited run of trainers designed by the studio of Japan’s Jun Takahashi. However, Takahashi then expressed support on Instagram for Hong Kong citizens who have been protesting against a law that would allow extraditions to China. Nike has now pulled the line in that country. Financial Times

Brexit Preparations

EY says U.K. banks are again showing signs of preparing for a no-deal Brexit by moving out of the country. Here’s the consultancy’s U.K. financial services chief, Omar Ali: “The financial impact of Brexit is beginning to fall to the bottom line, and firms are now making a direct link between financial performance and the tangible commercial impacts of Brexit.” Reuters

Vape Ban

San Francisco is set to ban the sale of e-cigarettes—a first for a U.S. city. The legislation is the result of uncertainty over the health effects of the vaping devices. Juul, the market leader—which happens to be based in San Francisco—said the development would “create a thriving black market.” BBC

Democratic Underdog

So what do you think of Democratic candidate Wayne Messam? Never heard of him? He’s aware of that, and he writes for Fortune that underdog candidates such as himself face a series of barriers. He’s a mayor, so—unlike congressional candidates—he can’t tap his local accounts for a federal campaign. He hasn’t been able to get a televised town hall, for unclear reasons. Messam writes: “Despite these inequities, I now have reached the 1% threshold in two national polls, and I will continue to press forward.” Fortune

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