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Scanning the equity market for past 52-week gainers, we have noticed that shares of Vonage Holdings Corp. (NYSE:VG) have moved to the upside over that time frame. Over the last full-year, shares have gained1.66%. Investors might be trying to project if the stock will continue to perform the same as we head deeper into the new year.

Trading the stock market can sometimes feel like a wild roller coaster ride. When stocks are soaring, investors may feel like they can’t lose. When markets are sinking, investors may feel like there is nothing that they can do. Individual investors may have experienced both ends of the spectrum. Sometimes, an investor may secure some winning trades right out of the gate. This may cause the individual to become overconfident in their ability. Markets have the ability to shoot down overconfidence very quickly. On the other side, investors may only experience losses right off the bat and become highly discouraged. Figuring out how to manage winners and losers can big a big help to the investor’s psyche in the long-term. Frequently assessing which trades worked and examining why they worked may greatly assist the investor. The same can be said for trades that did not pan out. 

Taking a look at some other historical performance numbers, we can see that Vonage Holdings Corp. (NYSE:VG) shares have seen a change of 13.48% over the past week. For the previous month, the stock has changed 20.54%. For the last quarter, the stock has performed 23.35%. If we look back year-to-date, the stock has moved 33.10%. With the stock market still cruising along, investors may be wondering how to trade the market into the next few quarters. If market momentum starts to shift hard one way or the other, investors may need to adjust to accommodate the landscape. Being prepared for any market situation can help the investor deal with the turbulence when it arrives.

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Vonage Holdings Corp. (NYSE:VG) currently has a beta of 0.52. A beta of 1 indicates that the stock price moves along with the market. A beta below 1 indicates that the stock is less volatile than the market in theory. A beta value over one would indicate the opposite. Individual investors have the tendency to flock towards certain stock strategies that have worked previously. While following previous strategies may be profitable, investors have to be ready when the markets turn. Most investors will be overjoyed when stocks in the portfolio are riding a hot streak. On the flip side, investors may become highly anxious when they experience a prolonged losing streak. Sometimes, previously successful strategies run their course and they no longer work. Investors might be better suited to deal with adversity by being able to make the necessary adjustments when the time comes.

Monitoring some Street analyst projections on shares of Vonage Holdings Corp., we note that the current consensus price target is $15.45. Analysts generally work very hard to provide their best estimates of where they believe a stock is going. Analysts may employ various methods to calculate price targets, and investors often closely follow the consensus to get an overall feel of how Wall Street views the stock.

Active traders are typically striving to spot winning entry and exit points for trades. Following technical indicators may help traders gain some insight on how best to do this. There are plenty of indicators that have helped traders make winning trades. Because there are so many to choose from, beginning traders may want to start by focusing on a few different combinations to start with. Professional chartists may have ultra complex charts set up to spot perfect trade entries. Others may use one or two simple indicators to aide with setting up the trade. Keeping track of all the data may be a challenge at first, but there are many platforms out there that have made the process much simpler than ever before. Setting up a winning strategy may take some time and perseverance, but taking the time to acquire the proper knowledge may mean the difference between winning and losing trades in the future.  

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