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This Viral Bathtub Buy Is Peak Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Day

If relaxing in a warm and sudsy tub with a tray full of multiple beverages, snacks, beauty products, and tech devices streaming Celine Dion is wrong, then do we really want to be right? What started as a viral Twitter thread — poking fun at elaborate bath-tray stock images of various women sipping lattes to Cab Sav, operating iPads and iPhones at the same time, and dining on cornflakes to charcuterie, all while bathing — has turned into an IRL consideration. Are we confused by the absurdity of these “unrealistic” depictions or are we fascinated by all the luxurious possibilities they present?Only you can decide if ending your day in a bubble-filled tub complete with both hard and soft cheese atop an attachable bamboo tray is ridiculous — or if it’s the ultimate form of the proverbial “treat yo’self” practice. Test it out ahead by shopping any one of the infamous trays ahead — coupled with real reviews from women out there that actually bathe (among other things) with them.At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.Me Time Bamboo Bath Tray CaddyWhat Real Bathers Say: “Very useful, makes it easy to have my computer or phone with me and ensures it won’t get wet while I can watch a movie. Also great because it can hold a drink and more.” – ashh_ly, Urban Outfitters ReviewerUmbra Me Time Bamboo Bath Tray Caddy, $, available at Urban OutfittersClean Design Swivel Bath TrayWhat Real Bathers Say: “What a great gift for my SIL. She is the mom to young twin boys so she needs her down time and this little shelf allowed her to keep all the necessary elements of a bath nearby (book/candle/glass of wine/sometimes a snack).” – AS, Uncommon Goods ReviewerUncommon Goods Swivel Bath Tray, $, available at Clean DesignEtsy Wooden Bath TryWhat Real Bathers Say: “Very useful for those who enjoy watching movies while having a bath. My daughter loves it.” – Dapper Flapper, Etsy ReviewerTheBMWorkshop Wooden Bath Tray, $, available at EtsyPristine Bamboo Bathtub TrayWhat Real Bathers Say: “If I could give this 10 stars, I would! I searched and searched for a tub tray for my new jetted tub. There were the usual metal slotted ones, most of which had bad reviews and would allow lots of splashing to the underside of whatever you had on top of them. Then there were bamboo ones like this, some of which had open slots like the metals ones — again allowing for splashing upon objects, AND they did not have any kind of anti-skid rubber coating to sit on the edges of the tub. Since I mainly use my phone and Kindle there, I have nightmares of a tub tray collapsing into the tub if I mistakenly bumped it, etc. and my expensive electronics ruined. NO THANKS. So when I found this one, I knew it was THE ONE! Here’s why: 1. Where the main objects sit, there are no open slots to splash water from below. 2. Thick rubber coats the bottom edge that sits along the lips of the tub. 3. There is a ‘splash proof’ fold up/down stand that holds a Kindle perfectly. 4. There are dedicated slots for other objects too, such as the phone slot (stand up or lay sideways), cup, wine glass, and an extra square for whatever (handy to put the matching soap holder in). 5. When I read the dimensions carefully, I realized even at its most collapsed length, it is too big to ever ‘fall in’ my tub, I’d have to practically get it sideways in order for that to happen. SOLD! Talk about living it up in the tub!” – OkTravelChick, Amazon ReviewerPristine Bamboo Bathtub Tray, $, available at AmazonZXMOTO Acrylic Bathtub CaddyWhat Real Bathers Say: “The minimalist design really does blend seamlessly with the tub. It feels much more like a part of it than the metal ones ever did. The handles give me clear “zones” where I can put a drink on the left and my phone on the right and then have the middle section for whatever I’m doing. The tray does *not* slide around and the things I put on it do not slide around very easily, either.” – Alexandra, Amazon ReviewerZXMOTO Clear Acrylic Bathtub Caddy, $, available at AmazonAmazonBasics Bamboo Bathtub Caddy TrayWhat Real Bathers Say: “I always wanted a bath tray. I imagined the decadent baths I could be taking if only I had a tray to hold my book, my candle, my glass of wine… This tray did not disappoint. Made of bamboo (very sustainable), it’s attractive and adjustable. The ‘arms’ pull out or push in depending on the width of your tub, and they sit on tubs edges. It’s very secure and there’s plenty of room for everything. They even included indented areas for bowls (snack anyone?) and cut out notches for wine glasses. (Although I can’t for the life of me figure out why they thought I needed enough notches for FOUR glasses of wine – Hey, my tub is not THAT big!) Nothing ‘Basic’ about this AmazonBasics offering.” – Knowlengr, Amazon ReviewerAmazonBasics Standard Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray, $, available at AmazonEstala Non-Slip Bathtub TrayWhat Real Bathers Say: “I absolutely love this product. It’s very well built and I seriously take the most relaxing baths possible since buying it. The non-slip pads that they include work very well and it doesn’t slip around for me. Also, I got a handwritten thank you note from the business that makes them. It’s super impressive to see a company who is so devoted to the satisfaction of their customers down to sending them handwritten thank you cards. I would buy another one if I had a second tub. But I really love this caddy. Do yourself a favor and get one so you can unwind with the most chill bath of your life.” – Talon, Amazon ReviewerEstala Non-Slip Bathtub Tray, $, available at AmazonAnthropologie Maison Storage Bath CaddyWhat Real Bathers Say: “Bath lovers must buy!! I only take baths and really get annoyed with my body products ending up being spread all over the rims of the bath, so this was just perfect for me!! It’s so beautiful and elegant and in person. 🙂 So happy I splurged and made this purchase!” – Yellowcircus47, Anthropologie ReviewerAnthropologie Maison Storage Bath Caddy, $, available at AnthropologieRoyal Craft Wood Bamboo Bath Caddy TrayWhat Real Bathers Say: “Buying a bath tray was something I spent a long time deciding on. As someone who uses baths as a way to de-stress after long days, searching for the best fit for me was important. So, after weeks of thinking about how badly I wanted one, I decided to buy one for myself. I went onto Amazon to read plenty of reviews and filter lots of results. I wanted it to have at least 4 stars for ratings, be able to hold a good amount of items, be durable over time and overall have great quality. I decided to go with the Royal Craft Wood Natural Bamboo Bathtub Caddy/Bath Serving Tray because not only was it a nice price of $24.99 but it was highly rated and fit my bath perfectly (and yes, I did measure my bathtub prior to ordering). I was incredibly excited when it came through the mail with two-day shipping with Amazon Prime. I quickly tore it open and pulled out the tray, which was a lot more hefty and well built than I would have imagined. There were no defects or issues and it even came with 4 silicone grips you can apply yourself to protect it from slipping in the tub. I used the tray and it was absolutely wonderful! I brought in a few snacks, my phone, my laptop, and even a candle and lighter and it all fit perfectly on the tray with still extra room. There was no slipping of the tray itself, it sat right in place and was easy to pull closer or push back while positioned on the tub. It is also pretty to look at and with a nice finish, there is no worrying about splinters or rough patches. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend it to anyone considering a bath tray.” – Bailey, Amazon ReviewerRoyal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray, One Or Two Person, $, available at AmazoniDesign Everett Adjustable Over Bathtub CaddyWhat Real Bathers Say: “Exactly what I needed! I hate those vertical bath caddy things. Easily adjust to width of tub (my tub is pretty wide) and it’s sturdy to hold my shampoo, conditioner, body wash all my face wash stuff!” – Maria, Wayfair RevieweriDesign Everett Adjustable Over Bathtub Caddy, $, available at WayfairEtsy Oak Bathtub TrayWhat Real Bathers Say: “I like a bath as a treat and a time to get lost in water that is just the right temperature with whatever salts and oil enrichment treatments I need whether to relax, get ready for sleep or take the strain out of some muscle or bone… but at last I have something that looks good, is well made, does not look like it was made for IKEA or B&Q and has the feel and look of natural wood which is just beautiful anyway. But you don’t need to know that because this tray has function built into the design. I can now prop a book solidly thanks to the extra work on the height and spacing of the supports. I asked for the candle inserts to be bigger to suit what I use and being able to leave your cup or glass safely and in reach… I might have a bath more often… As is clear from review after review, top class work and top rated service” – Colm, Etsy ReviewerFloresta Design Oak Bath Caddy, $, available at EtsyMadesmart Expandable Bath ShelfWhat Real Bathers Say: “This is great! Very sturdy and easy to use. I like having a drink and a snack and sometimes a portable charger while I am taking a bath. It is easy to move up when I run more water and then move back into place. It stays at the end even when we shower. Some times my cat even likes to sleep in it! Or crouch under it and bat at imaginary things in it.” – Ray, Amazon ReviewerMadeSmart Expandable Bath Shelf – White, $, available at AmazonDomax Bamboo Bathtub TrayWhat Real Bathers Say: “This is an awesome gadget for the bathtub. This tray makes my bath much more enjoyable — I can have a glass wine while I am watching a movie, the sockets fit my phone and my iPad perfectly, and the slides work smoothly. It’s great quality bamboo, has a nice natural smell, and is definitely worth the price.” – Alexandra, Amazon ReviewerDomax Expandable Bamboo Tub Tray, $, available at AmazonBirch Lane Beringer Bamboo Bath CaddyWhat Real Bathers Say: “It’s amazing. I am able to use it as well as my husband lol. Who would have thought that its multifunction use would make my bathing even more relaxing.” – Dominique, Birch Lane ReviewerBirch Lane Beringer Bamboo Bath Caddy, $, available at Birch LaneLike what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?How To Have Steamy Bathtub SexAmazon Just Launched Its First Skin-Care LineR29 Readers Confess Their Amazon Hidden Gems

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