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Since 2011, MarketBeat has made it our mission to give individual investors a way to level the playing field with institutional investors. We noticed there was a lack of high-quality stock research tools for investors of all levels. And even if there was, there was no place for investors to go as a one-stop resource to handle their research needs.

MarketBeat uses the latest technology to provide proprietary, comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-the-minute financial data. And because this information can be overwhelming, MarketBeat provides investors with the ability to input their stocks of interest (either those that are in their portfolio or on their watchlist) and delivers curated information that helps them get a jump start on news that affects their investment.

Currently, over 15 million individuals visit every month. If you’re not already one of those visitors (and even if you are), we’re giving you the following reasons to use

Curated Tools for Every Investor

My MarketBeat – This is the core of the MarketBeat service. The premise behind My MarketBeat is that most investors are primarily interested in the equities in their portfolio or on their watch lists. By loading the stocks that they hold, investors will get information that is pertinent to stocks in their portfolio or watch list(s).

Create Unlimited Watchlists – MarketBeat Daily Premium subscribers can input an unlimited number of stocks on an unlimited number of watchlists. However, even those investors who only have the free Basic service can input up to five stocks on five separate watchlists.

Text/E-Mail Alerts – Subscribers receive text or email alerts for the stocks on their watchlist(s) or in their portfolio. This is an approach that allows investors to quickly get information on the stocks that are of the most interest to them.


Whether you’re looking to learn the basics of futures or are a seasoned vet looking to hone your trading skills, our Technical Analysis Guide has everything you need to succeed in today’s futures markets!

Premium Market Analysis

Daily Newsletters – MarketBeat provides subscribers with the Early Bird that subscribers receive every morning before the market opens and the Night Owl which they receive every evening. These newsletters give readers insight on stocks that MarketBeat analysts are tracking as well as a curated selection of investment articles from other financial outlets. However, these newsletters do not directly make stock picks.

Exclusive Content from MarketBeat Analysts – The MarketBeat site refreshes every day with articles that deliver exclusive content from MarketBeat analysts.

Premium Reports – Prepared by MarketBeat’s editorial staff, these premium reports have been peer-reviewed for accuracy and completeness. The reports are available to MarketBeat Premium subscribers at no additional cost. And once subscribers sign up, they receive additional premium reports as soon as they are available.

Financial Calendars – Get a list of upcoming earnings reports, analyst ratings, dividend announcements, insider trades, and more.

Market Data – View what is happening for specific sectors, with stocks at particular price points, the most active and most volatile stocks, and more.

Education – This is a research library that includes a database of financial terms and investing strategies.

Headlines – An archive of current and past articles regarding stocks and other investment topics. Stock-specific articles can also be found when that stock’s page comes up in the search tool.

MarketBeat Podcast – This is a new feature in 2022. The MarketBeat Podcast provides listeners with insights from market professionals. The podcast is hosted by MarketBeat contributor Kate Stalter.

Stock Research Tools

Robust Stock Analysis Pages – Search for a stock and you’ll be taken to a page where you can find all the pertinent information about that stock in one place including current and historical snapshots of metrics such as institutional ownership and short interest.

Idea Engine™ – To help jumpstart your research, MarketBeat offers the Idea Engine which uses more than two dozen algorithmic factors and technical indicators to identify stocks that are poised for near-term growth.  New recommendations are posted every Monday morning.

Momentum Alerts – MarketBeat’s Momentum Alerts give investors short-term trading opportunities that our editors identify using a combination of trading momentum, market sentiment, and other specific financial triggers. These alerts have proposed trades that have appreciated 5-15% in as little as seven days. But past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Top MarketRank™ Stocks – MarketBeat provides a list of the 100 companies that have the highest average MarketRank (i.e. Beat the Market) score from MarketBeat.

Trending Stocks – Social media has changed the way retail investors find information. Investors can get a list of stocks that are trending based on criteria like high media sentiment, if the stock is trending on Reddit and/or WallStreetBets as well as stocks that have drawn frequent media mentions.

Advanced Charts Provided by TradingView – TradingView is the world’s most popular network of traders and investors – powered by real-time data and market-leading analysis software.

Earnings Reports – MarketBeat gives investors a way to see an earnings calendar that can be sorted by different criteria including sector, market cap, media sentiment, and consensus analyst opinion. Additionally, the site provides audio and/or text transcripts of the earnings calls that these companies deliver.

Analyst Ratings – One of the key predictors of stock price performance is the opinion of analysts. When investors look at the profile page for a particular stock, they’ll get the consensus 12-month price target of all Wall Street analysts. They’ll also get a list of all ratings that have been delivered in the last

Stock Screener Tool – MarketBeat has a menu of stock screeners that give users the ability to compare stocks side by side.

Exceptional Customer Service

A Trusted Resource – But don’t take our word for it. MarketBeat has an aggregate score of 4.3 on Trustpilot.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee for Premium Subscribers – MarketBeat offers premium subscribers an unconditional, no questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee for any subscriber who is unsatisfied with their subscription during the first 30 days of service.

7 Clean Energy Stocks to Buy As Climate Change Initiatives Heat Up

Climate change remains a polarizing political issue. However, as an investor, it’s a debate that bears watching. And that’s not just the case for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investors. Every investor that’s looking to profit from the current $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill needs to pay attention to the current debate about climate change.

That’s because right now the business of climate change is beginning to catch up to the emotion. And that makes it a good time to invest in the clean energy sector. This includes solar and wind stocks. But it also includes other related sectors such as electric vehicle charging and other renewable energy sources such as renewable natural gas (RNG).

That’s the topic of this special presentation which looks at 7 clean energy stocks that look like strong buys as the Biden administration looks to pass its sweeping infrastructure bill.

Investors need to be able to skate to where the puck is moving. For years, climate change initiatives have been bogged down by the reality that the technology was not ready to meet the moment. That is rapidly becoming a non-issue. And that makes this sector one that investors can’t afford to ignore.

View the “7 Clean Energy Stocks to Buy As Climate Change Initiatives Heat Up”.

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