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Question Answer(s) What does “Unusual Option Activity” indicate and where do you find it? Shows intense interest in a stock. Jon Najarian uses it to uncover stocks about to move. There are many sites that now offer. Here’s a free daily list: https://www.barchart.com/options/unusual-activity/stocks What is this song – must add to my Amazon library. Immutable Laws by Steve Morton, a friend of mine based in Nashville. I’ll see if he will post it. Ali – Really nice article in the Stock Market Guide! Very informative and interesting. Aw thank you, Jeff! Glad you liked it 🙂 It’s ARBK I believe You are correct 🙂 ARBK Yes, thanks 🙂 RBK?, don’t see it ARBK! My mistake UDMY is another IPO close to b/o It’s an interesting platform. The slowdown in sales is a concern. I usually want to see big sales growth, well above 30%. I’m eager to see what the estimates are once the analysts run the numbers. DTC — Solostoves – these firepits are amazing – I have one – what makes them so great is they don’t produce any smoke! you don’t smell like a campfire after using it. Sounds great. Where does the smoke go? What was the first ticker? DTC Chris having trouble finding Steve Morton’s music..do you have any suggestions or links? He’s a producer and isn’t posting his songs these days. I’ll see if he will put up a few. Hello, what’s up with SC. How can a stock be so flat? It’s going private. So stock isn’t really moving. ZIM has reversed There have been a lot of 1-minute spikes on earnings in the past few days, followed by slashed gains. Justin, i thought Charles said that he was out of SBLK, and got inot another shipper that started with “G.” did you get a more recent update from him saying that he got back in? Can’t get anything by you, Joanna. You are right, he ended up getting into his precedent GOGL. Any chance you can share a few infrastructure stocks on your radar? MLM, VMC, GVA, CAT, NUE On these IPOs like DTC, the quarterly results at the bottom of MS seem to be duplicated. The March and June quarter #’s are exactly the same. Just wondering about this .. Sometimes before coming public, the earnings might have been reported in an annual fashion. The numbers then get divided equally across four quarters. Any news on SPGI? I don’t see any. SPGI and MSCI are both down. Must be careful ED What’s is this in regards to? I’m assuming you’ll discuss NVDA with earnings due. Yes, definitely! good morning – will you look at GPI? down 7% this morning after moving up nicely Morgan Stanley downgraded/cut price targets on a bunch of auto dealers, basically saying EVs will up-end their models. Isn’t RS Line always lagging when in a cup with handle base???? Well, if the market’s rising yes. If you’ve got a base in a correction, you might see a rising RS line. Please define ” Closet Index” Closet indexer refers to funds that end up matching a significant amount of their benchmark index to be nearly indistinguishable. RIVN down 14% live answered SPGI – down heavy – is there any news? Don’t see any. what do you make of tsla today – it seems to be silently creeping up in price? live answered looks like ONON has early lockup expiration opening up on Friday. Would this influence buying/selling decisions now? Well, ONON fell 3%-5% premarket, but it’s shaken that off quickly! would you call that a double bottom TSLA? No — double bottoms take weeks to form would you be selling ONON with a 28% profit now? You can definitely lock in some profits here if you want! Time to look at getting back into UPST? 2-day reverse. Maybe this is the bottom, but I’d say UPST needs a lot of time to repair. Curious your thought on TROW. It was a Blue Dot stock just a week ago and that CWH was nice. Still perculating?? Still working on that handle. Doing nothing wrong. But this is why it’s good to wait for a breakout or early entry. $ONON has only 5 stores world wide. isn’t that concerning? Well, I don’t know the story well enough, but the sales suggest it’s doing more than just those 5 stores. Presumably a lot of online sales, perhaps shoes in other locations. ONON has a propietary technology: converting carbos emissions to foam-like-material to make the shoes. https://www.on-running.com/en-ch/articles/turning-carbon-emissions-into-running-shoes Thanks for sending, Diego! what is FUMO? Pleease explai.- FOMO – fear of missing out ONON – should someone initiate a buy today? if so where is the SL? ONON is definitely greatly extended. I’m a limo driver in La Jolla. A lot of my very wealthy clients are wearing on cloud shoes and they rave about them Interesting intel! These IPOs that shoot up and then round trip really make IPOs stocks like ASO and ZIM look great! True! DE union vote today. Market not looking optimisitic about it so far Good point. CAT also down as some infrastructure plays give up some recent gains. “Talking about IPO’s Please review BIRD” Nice action so far. Be great if it could pause for a few days, perhaps offer an early entry for its IPO base. What does team think of KLIC Making a nice move. Might be an early entry — but earnings tonight are a big risk. KLIC is more volatile than a number of other chip-equipment plays. comment on SE please. Its action is very bad last couple of weeks Really negative reaction to earnings the past two days. any news on V down $11 or 5.2%? Amazon won’t accept Visa credit cards in the U.K. starting in Jan., citing high fees. Why not consider buying a put on NVDA to protect upside live answered ED, my earlier comment on ZIM, spikes on earnings Ah, of course. Definitely. csco has earning today. want to comment? Not acting badly. Will have a handle after today’s action, so not far from a buy point. GOEV popping, I think Canoo announced a couple days ago that it expects production to start in late 2022. Any thoughts on INFO? Looks like it broke out and is re-testing the breakout. S&P Global is buying IHS Markit – deal announced a year ago but I think that’s getting after recent EU and U.S. OKs. At this point, investors should focus on SPGI action. Really, don’t take options advice from people who don’t understand options, especially during earnings vol! Where’s Rachel! I’m not providing any advice here, just sharing my screen. Do any of you use ThinkorSwim for your personal trading? A number of us on the show do. Chris and I for example. How does Theta and Vega work in this Theta is time value, so going out a few months minimizes the effect of theta. Vega is volatility. And after earnings Vega drops dramatically. Why wouldn’t you simply hedge with a short sell position? You can’t hedge a stock with a short position. You would just be selling your shares. On earnings options, it seems you’d want to sell premium into the high pre-earnings volatility for the earnings week. The might be an iron condor just outside the expected move, for example. Or you could sell OTM calls to pay for some puts,
but the question is how far OTM on the calls and puts. Just one idea. (I’m not doing these.) But how much hedge would those trades provide? NVDA Loved detailed comments on options hedge by Chris. Are there any links to share so I can read more in detail? We have a video about hedging with puts linked at investors.com/liveFAQ! It’s about Chris hedging his entire portfolio, though, rather than an individual position Don’t forget to let Chris talk about FLNC? Of course! 🙂 Irusha don’t make TTD go down! Lol lol. my powers are too strong and it’s hard to control sometimes. Zim didn’t act right. I’m out Really ugly action. So many 1-minute rallies on earnings lately. Not sure I understood. In a stock list, what time frame is the Vol % vs 50 day compared to? The same time of day? It’s based on the 50-day, but it takes into account that stocks tend to trade very heavy near the open and close. So it factors that into the calculation. ipo-twks moving up today live answered Can we please talk about AAPL today? We did earlier, and will circle back in our wrap up! Thank you Ali! Any time! I think it’s about hedging portfolio… maybe it’s one position. Been a while since I’ve watched it! what is the metaverse video that you guys were talking about? Investors.com/growthstories what is that new podcast series? Growth Stories — investors.com/growthstories “What was the copany that is stock-splittin 4:1″ ANET late to the show,, I assume you covered TGT early. If so I will watch the replay Yes, we reviewed towards the beginning!

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