European Stock Market Wave Analysis: Bear Market with further drops to occur Friday and Monday [Video] – FXStreet

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Bear Market Rally next for the DAX Performance Index ^GDAXI INDEXDB: DAX 40 Chart and Forecasts. FTSE 100 Index, EURO STOXX 50, Forex EURUSD GBPUSD DXY Dollar Index Elliott Wave Technical Analysis.
European Stock Market Daily News Headlines:European shares dipped at the opening bell on Wednesday after higher-than-expected U.S, based off our Elliott Wave Analysis we expect a rally on Thursday and a strong selloff on Friday and Monday.
Elliott Wave Market Indices: Wave i of (c) of ii).
Trading Strategy: Short Wave (c) of ii) late Thursday or early Friday.

Video Chapters:
00:00 DAX 40 (GDAXI).
05:01 EURO STOXX 50.
05:42 UKX / FTSE 100.
13:05 Forex GBPUSD / EURUSD / DXY.
18:34 Thanks for watching!

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