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COVID-19 continues to impact markets across the world. Here’s an overview of INN’s content on coronavirus investing.

The economic pressures from the coronavirus outbreak have impacted virtually every sector of the economy. The ramifications of this event will be felt for a significant portion of time.

Investors will have to get adjusted to the nuance and intricacies of deploying money in the stock market at a time of risk for many industries.

However, the resilience of some markets has proven valuable amid the chaos. Mobile technologies and resources – particularly gold – have jumped given the nature of these spaces.

Is the biotech market the perfect mesh between the technology and pharmaceutical market?


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As such, the Investing News Network (INN) prepared a report for our investor audience to catch up with the biggest developments attached to the pandemic and learn about the different ways the markets have moved through these times.

In this free report investors will also find coverage of the ways small-cap names have made an imprint in the midst of the economic pressures from the crisis.

While it’s widely expected for the biggest names in pharmaceuticals to lead the path for a vaccine or treatment of COVID-19, small companies have been able to seize an opportunity with pressing needs for society, particularly testing kits.

Devices and operations related to the monitoring of the virus have gained a significant interest given the spread of coronavirus. Just as the production of medical-grade masks went into high demand, testing kits – particularly fast one – became crucial for governments.

Given the emergency status created by the coronavirus outbreak, various of the biggest pharmaceutical and biotech names in the public space have moved forward with critical trials to try and find the best answer to the virus.

Companies like Pfizer (NASDAQ:PFE), Moderna (NASDAQ:MRNA), Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD) and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:REGN) have continued the development of promising drugs.

Amid these trials there have been preemptive deals done as individual stocks support others in the development of treatments.

“From the beginning it was clear that no one company or innovation would be able to bring an end to the Covid-19 crisis,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bouria said in an announcement confirming the collaboration.

Read on to get the details on these drugs and the possibilities for when people may get access to these treatments.

While it’s easy to get excited about the way some sectors have performed amid the uncertainty or the potential of a cure arriving soon, it’s important to also take a step back and remember the seismic impact this virus has had on the world’s markets.


As is usually the case, gold has entered into a new type of tear thanks to the questions mounting over the long standing effects of the virus on the economy.

Through this recap INN explored some of the ways the virus affected various areas of interest and the major hits for all economies around the world.

Alongside our coverage of the developments from the coronavirus crisis and its impact on a variety of industries, INN took a closer look at just exactly how exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have fared in the wake of the virus.

Investors rely on ETFs as a way to get exposure into a sector by a fund latching itself to an index tracking a particular market.

ETFs can hold stocks, bonds or commodities and often serve as a way to get a broad view of an industry and its performance.

The general takeaway seems to be that some funds in markets like gold and healthcare took hits early on but have been able to bounce back based on the promise of these industries.

Coronavirus investing: Investor takeaway

The coronavirus pandemic has led to one of the most catastrophic collapses in the global economy in recent history, and the infectious disease isn’t gone yet.

As researchers try to catch up with the effects of the virus and find a proper treatment, investors at both the retail and professional levels will have to continue monitoring the financial markets in order to stay ahead. Financial goals, asset allocation and market volatility are just a few of the factors that will be important to track during this time.

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Is the biotech market the perfect mesh between the technology and pharmaceutical market?


Read our FREE outlook report below!


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