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Everyday Americans who are finding it hard to save money to buy a house, start a family or pay for a vacation now have a new way to save money thanks to two Delhi graduates.

Brett and Taylor Sohns held a launch party for their new business, LifeGoal Investments, which according to a media release offers the first ever, patent-pending homeowner, children and vacation investment funds, on Thursday, Sept. 9, a media release said.

The five categories now traded on the New York Stock Exchange are: Homeowner Investment ETF (Ticker: HOM), Children Investment ETF (CHLD), Vacation Investment ETF (SUNY), LifeGoal General Conservative Investment ETF (SAVN) and LifeGoal Wealth Builder ETF (WLTH), the media release said. The company has several local investors, Taylor said, and many were at the launch party.

“All five of these investments were launched on the New York Stock Exchange last Thursday,” Taylor said. “We’re super excited to offer this and incredibly confident that it will help everyday Americans reach their goals. Growing up on Sherwoods Road, it’s hard to believe we have five investments traded on the New York Stock Exchange.”

The Homeowner Investment ETF was started after Brett, a 2002 graduate of Delaware Academy, was trying to buy or build a home near Saratoga Springs, 2006 DA graduate Taylor said.

Brett “faced the crisis home buyers around the U.S. are currently facing — interest rates on savings accounts sitting at zero, and the average home price having gone up 15.94% over the past 12 months,” Taylor said. “Brett’s story isn’t unusual. His necessity and his problem drove the innovate solution. We used our expertise to create a financial solution specifically for this situation- the LifeGoal Homeowner Investment ETF.”

Brett and Taylor have a combined 25 years experience working for investment firms on Wall Street and wondered if there was a way they could take that experience and find a solution for Brett and other people in similar situations, Taylor said. Working on Wall Street for the ultra-wealthy also bothered the Sohns brothers, Taylor said.

“We always thought the everyday American was overlooked and there needed to be a company that focuses on simplifying investing for the common person,” Taylor said. “We simply built investment products that solve financial problems for the everyday American. We name our investments with straight-forward, goal-based names; making it clear to the everyday American exactly how they should be used. Although the names are simple, the underlying investing are anything but, we use a patent pending investment process in attempt to reduce volatility and get our clients to their goals.”

The exchange-traded funds are tailored to the different life goals and each investment package uses a mix of stocks and bonds, the website,, said. For example, the Homeowner Investment ETF, which allows investors to save money to buy a house or make home renovations, has stocks in building store companies, appliance companies, paint companies and more, the website said.

Taylor said they paired the stocks with the goal because when a person improves their home, profits at these companies go up and their stock prices rise. 

In addition to information about the investments offered, the website includes a budget tracker and a compounding returns calculator and educational videos about investing.

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This post was originally published on *this site*