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The technicals for Whole Foods Market, Inc. (WFM) has spoken via its technical chart and the message is loud and clear. Based on that message, this is the relevant information necessary to make sense of that current setup. Often the difference between picking a winning stock and a losing one is the interpretation of data. In fact, data-interpretation is perhaps the biggest reason most successful traders don’t ignore the power of the technical setup.

(WFM) is now solidly presented where a clearly defined trend is concerned. This is evident based on information displayed via its 50 and 200 SMAs. The trend levels paint a telling picture which when analyzed, is best characterized as bullish. As a result of the current trends presented by both SMAs, traders have offered a defined and strong outlook for the stock. The overall sentiment or disposition towards the stock can best be described as positive. The discernable sentiment towards the stock has created a resulting influx of opinion that is now created a volume situation clearly titling towards a strong disposition as the situational flux between buyers and sellers take a definitive shape. Sentiment is clearly taking a definitive shape and shouldn’t be ignored. What’s more, there are other aspects of the overall disposition that can be clearly seen when one looks at the numbers ; Since these sentiments have taken shape, a marked level of enthusiasm has materialized when all statistical factors are considered regarding the stock’s profile among traders. Overall viability is therefore, based on the foregoing readings, highlighting the disposition of traders towards the stock. This disposition should retain consistency with the overall technical picture cast by the two important technical indicators mentioned above.

Relative strength indicator (RSI) and Stochastic measures offer another dimension to the whole methodology of analyzing a stock for its potential and existing trends. Both measures are relied upon heavily by successful traders, and combined; they offer an insightful peek inside the workings of a stock. They specifically allow traders to gauge whether or not a given stock is overbought or oversold. The overbought/undersold measure should never be underestimated for it allows a trader to see where the directional bearings are for a given stock. Are buyers more represented? Are sellers dominating? Both these indicators help I determining this general direction of the marketplace. WFM’s prevailing reading for its 14-day RSI is 62.77%; this means, on current reading, that the stock is neutral, suggesting that the stock is relatively stable in terms of potential price directional movement in either direction. The stochastic reading offers a supplementary outlook for directional movement of WFM. Stochastic readings amassed over the last thirty days have created a score of 53.36%. This indicates that the stock is neither overbought or oversold at current levels.

Adding other technical indicators to a trading strategy can often lead to bigger results. These additional indicators, especially the ones tied to performance, can go a long way in providing a surer path to success. A picture is by now surely emerging on the directional thrust of (WFM); that emerging picture is proving to be a magnet for traders that have previously shown an interest. The +1.67 has manifested a positive reading in the last month or so of trading since it began its initial directional move. Longer-term, the stock has outperform the S&P 500 by 4.61%. This has created lower daily volatility when matched with stocks of the same class. Things look the same when measured historically. Historical volatility provides a measure of 17.59%. WFM therefore offers a handy picture of overall momentum based on the foregoing measures. The last, but certainly not least, indicator that helps paint the overall picture of viability is the average true range which is currently 2.12. Combined, all the indicators when synchronized properly can yield excellent trading results.

Based on the outlined overall trading picture for WFM, it is clear that traders have a lot to go on in making up their minds on the stock’s viability. This proves in no small measure that technicals can be crucial in having any kind of success.

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