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According to data released by the Statistics Finland, industrial output turned positive after dropping in the previous month.

Total industrial output adjusted for working days raised by 2.6% in March, compared with 0.5% drop in March 2016.  This year’s March had two working days more than last year.

Seasonally adjusted output went up by 0.7% in March from the previous month. In February, output declined by 0.5% from the month before and in January, output was on level with December.

The original output grew by 6.5% in March from year ago period. Adjusted for working days, industrial output went up by 1.6 per cent in January to March from previous year.

In March, Output increased most, by 15.2 %, in mining and quarrying. In the chemical industry, output grew by 10.7 %. In the metal industry, output increased by 1.9 % from one year back. Output in the forest industry increased by 1.2 % from the previous year. In the electrical industry output declined by 3.5 %.

March, capacity utilization rate in manufacturing sector was 84.4%, or 2.6 % higher than one year earlier. In the forest industry, capacity utilization rate was 92.5 %t in March, or 2.4 % points higher than in March 2016.

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