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Dividend stocks such as Murgitroyd Group and Harvey Nash Group can help diversify the constant stream of cash flows generated by your portfolio. These stocks are a safe bet to increase your portfolio value as they provide both steady income and cushion against market risks. Dividends play an important role in compounding returns in the long run and end up forming a sizeable part of investment returns. If you’re a long term investor, these high-performing top dividend stocks can boost your monthly portfolio income.

Murgitroyd Group PLC (AIM:MUR)

Murgitroyd Group PLC, through its subsidiaries, provides intellectual property advisory services. Established in 1975, and now run by Keith Young, the company provides employment to 257 people and with the company’s market cap sitting at GBP £47.48M, it falls under the small-cap stocks category.

MUR has a sizeable dividend yield of 3.18% and is currently distributing 61.73% of profits to shareholders . MUR’s dividends have increased in the last 10 years, with DPS increasing from UK£0.06 to UK£0.17. The company has been a dependable payer too, not missing a payment in this 10 year period. MUR also has a miniscule amount of debt on its balance sheet, which is always something that catches my attention. Dig deeper into Murgitroyd Group here. AIM:MUR Historical Dividend Yield Apr 13th 18

Harvey Nash Group plc (AIM:HVN)

Harvey Nash Group plc, together with its subsidiaries, provides recruitment and outsourcing solutions primarily in the United Kingdom and Northern Europe. Formed in 1988, and headed by CEO Albert Ellis, the company employs 2,526 people and with the company’s market capitalisation at GBP £67.06M, we can put it in the small-cap category.

HVN has an alluring dividend yield of 4.43% and the company currently pays out 43.47% of its profits as dividends . The company’s DPS has increased from UK£0.018 to UK£0.041 over the last 10 years. During this period, they haven’t missed a payment, as one would expect from a company increasing their dividend. Interested in Harvey Nash Group? Find out more here. AIM:HVN Historical Dividend Yield Apr 13th 18

STV Group plc (LSE:STVG)

STV Group plc, together with its subsidiaries, produces and broadcasts television programs in the United Kingdom and internationally. Formed in 2000, and currently lead by Simon Pitts, the company size now stands at 503 people and with the stock’s market cap sitting at GBP £124.69M, it comes under the small-cap category.

STVG has a substantial dividend yield of 5.49% and distributes 56.52% of its earnings to shareholders as dividends . Although investors would have seen a few years of reduced payments, it has so far always picked up again, with dividends increasing from UK£0 to UK£0.17 over the past 10 years. Over the next three years, analysts predict double digit earnings growth for STV Group of 74.17%. Dig deeper into STV Group here. LSE:STVG Historical Dividend Yield Apr 13th 18

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